Russel Coultart
Lead Consultant and CEO

Russel Coultart has been working in the music industry for 30 years and has specialised in Direct to Consumer (D2C) e-commerce for over 20 years.


He trained as a recording engineer, before setting up his own record label - Transient Records - in 1994. Transient released 70 singles and 50 albums selling a million copies worldwide.


Russel launched his first D2C store in 1997. He set up Recordstore.co.uk in 1998 and Digitalstores.co.uk in 2000, introducing the now, industry standard, D2C business model, running D2C stores for artists and labels on single e-commerce platform and securing D2C rights for Robbie Williams, Oasis, The Beatles, Queen and Ministry of Sound and many others


Digital Stores was acquired by EMI in 2010. Russel joined EMI as VP of D2C Europe, running EMI D2C in Europe with his team. He signed the exclusive D2C rights for One Direction, outsourced logistics and customer service and further developed the e-commerce platform.


Russel joined Universal Music Group in 2013 as VP Global D2C, responsible for growing UMG’s D2C business worldwide. He replaced out of date e-commerce platforms in the UK, Canada and US, streamlined operations and oversaw significant growth in D2C revenue.


In 2016 Russel set up Direct to Fan Sales, a specialist D2C consultancy working with record labels and artists to optimise, develop and grow their D2C business.